Routene Logistics Toolkit

Routene© is an easy to use Excel add-in which gives access to a wide variety of logistics analyses.  Analyses supported include:

  1. Generating a matrix of distances and journey times between multiple locations
  2. Best allocation of nodes (e.g. destinations) to hubs (e.g. distribution centres) based on minimising real journey times
  3. Location optimisation of warehouses in a network to minimise overall cost.
  4. Modelling of alternative warehouse locations for relative attractiveness
  5. Delivery route planning
  6. Centre of Gravity analysis - both straightline and real journey
  7. Optimisation of delivery frequency
  8. Mid journey point calculation
  9. Advanced planning overlays using Google maps base

A time limited trial version of Routene is available on application. Contact me through email

Stochastic inventory modelling


Using monte-carlo approaches to set inventory targets vastly improves on traditional normal distribution and k-factor approaches.  This does not need to be a multi-million and multi-year struggle; modern computing supports transparent and fast development of effective toolkits. You may subsequently go for a full industrial solution, but start by delivering results, fast.




1. Use of real business data to quantify variation

2. Get effective integration of supply and demand uncertainty

3. Dynamic testing of service costs and options


In addition


Endhouse consulting has various software and tools to support the following applications



  1. Supply chain Segmentation Tools to support rigorous segmentation of complex supply chains
  2. The Supply Chain Insight Framework (SCIF) a framework for understanding how and why different supply chains operate differently
  3. Rhythm Wheel (Cadence) designer: toolset for calculating optimum production cycle length and sequence to minimise total cost
  4. Forecastability. A toolset for assessing forecasting performance and for setting targets for realistic expectations of accuacy.